My name is Kyle Bolton, and I am a graduate of SCAD-Atlanta, where I received a BFA in Interactive Design and Game Development. I am passionate about the game industry, and am dedicated to creating holistic, rewarding experiences.

Primarily influenced by classic titles, I have spent my time at SCAD developing an expertise in old-school, twitch based games. I appreciate experiences that teach the player through level design, as I believe that leads to more engaging and meaningful experiences.

As of October 2013, I began working at Thrust Interactive as an independent contractor. I am primarily responsible for implementing and designing gameplay elements, UX, and UI.

Professional Work

Thrust Interactive

At Thrust Interactive, I have worked on several unannounced projects. I have utilized my UX/UI skills to create wireframes and workflows. I have also scripted user interfaces and gameplay elements for various mobile games.

Personal Work

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Prisma is a multi-dimensional, side-scrolling platformer. This project was developed during SCAD-Atlanta's senior studio program.

I was responsible for coordinating a team of eight towards project completion. I also acted as game and level designer, where I specified the core mechanics, analyzed tester feedback, and defined a level design language for the other level designers.

Prisma was the winner of the 2014 E3 College Game Competition.

Generate 2013 Level Design Challenge

In October of 2013, I participated in a SCAD-Atlanta jam called Generate. Generate is a competition where students are tasked with building a level within twenty-four hours. Collaborating with two other students, I created the initial layout for the environment and placed assets.

My goal was to create an abstract, surreal environment that looped on itself, encouraging players to deduce what happened to the environment. The level is separated into three distinct chunks, each featuring their own unique assets and atmosphere. In order to give each chunk its own personality, I experimented with changing the color of the ambient lights and fog as the player moved between chunks.